Weekly Rides

Musty and Mark’s Monday Mayhem

Riders meet at Meridian Road Park at 5:30 or 6pm (depending on the time of year) for a 25-30 mile road ride . This is a no drop ride that usually spits between the casual riders and the more serious riders. The ride starts at roughly 6pm but may be staggered due to late arrivals. 18-20 mph pace on average if you ride with the faster group, 14-16mph for the casual group.

  • Where: Meridian Road Park, Haslett
  • When: Monday, 6pm in summer. Otherwise, consult team calendar for start time.
  • Pace: 14-16mph or 18-20 mph. Choose your own adventure.
  • Distance: 25-30 miles
  • Route:
  • Williamston Loop
    – Meridian North

  • Contact
  • – Mark: mark.edmond.lawrence@gmail.com
    – Mustapha: dakroubm@comcast.net

Monday – Ladies Ride

Join other women in a NO-DROP, conversational-pace ride designed to be slow and social, a perfect recovery ride for racers and a great introduction for beginners who want to learn how to practice their group riding skills.

  • When: Monday at 6
  • Where: MSU Federal Credit Union
  • 3777 West Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823
  • Route: Actual route varies
  • Pace: slow/easy/recovery/social/no drop
  • Distance: 18-25 miles

Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) – Hammer or Nails

The Tuesday Night Ride (TNR) is a 40 mile ride designed for racers and lovers of speed and pain. Starting times range between 5:30 and 6:00 pm (seasonal). The traditional loop starts at the Spartan Speedway parking lot on the corner of Cedar St. and College Rd. Along the route there are 6 sprints after which the ride comes back together for a cool down. The ride ends with a cool down after we hit the Mason County sign and refill our water bottles at the local soft serve ice cream shop.

  • Where: corner of College Rd. and Cedar St.
  • When: 5:30/6:00 (seasonal)
  • Pace: fast and furious/drop optional
  • Distance: 40 miles
  • Route – Sample TNR
  • Contact:
  • – Cary: croseth@mac.com
    – Mark: mark.edmond.lawrence@gmail.com

Wednesday Night Ride

Traditionally starting at the cul-de-sac near the corner of Every Rd. and Stillman Rd. the Wednesday Night Ride offers a variety of riding speeds and a chance to learn how to ride in a group safely. The ride often splits between riders that want to take it easy and riders that want to crush each other. Regardless of speed this is a no drop ride.

  • Where: Every Rd. and Stillman Rd.
  • When: 5:30
  • Pace: choose your own adventure/no drop
  • Distance: 28 miles
  • Route – Sample Wednesday Ride
  • Contact:
  • – John: jcisler@sbcglobal.net

Thursday Ride – The Dirty Deeds Ride

Join the group for a gravel ride that will leave you grinding your teeth. Whether it be mountain, fat or CX you can find your way around the dirt roads of Meridian Township and beyond. Riders meet at Meridian Road Park at 5:30 for a 35 mile ride. Use the ride as a final tune-up before weekend races, to stay fit for CX/MTN season, or to mix up your ride and surroundings. This is a no drop ride that usually spits between the casual riders and the more serious racers.

  • Where: Meridian Road Park
  • When: 5:30
  • Pace: choose your own adventure/no drop
  • Distance: 35 miles
  • Route – Sample Wednesday Ride
  • Contact:
  • – Doug: dps366@live.com
    – Zak: konettza@comcast.net

Saturday – The Long and Winding Road

The Saturday ride is a chance for non-racers and racers without a race to still get in some productive miles. Riders will meet in the parking lot of the Hannah Center in East Lansing and will then decide on a route. Time, route and pace may vary depending on the time of year, temperature, and riders present.

  • Where: Hannah Center – East Lansing
  • When: 8-9am (varies)
  • Route: varies
  • Distance: ~ 60miles
  • Pace: 18-20 mph (no drop/some accelerations and regrouping)
  • Check calendar on website